Pride in Ownership

by Lance Kettler

If you would like to own your home but feel that the market has priced you out, I have good news for you.  There is a whole other market out there with different rules and different price tags.  And the prices are significantly lower.  What market am I talking about?  The REO market.  REO stands for Real Estate Owned.  These properties have already been foreclosed upon and are sitting empty waiting for a qualified buyer.  In some cases these properties are being sold for as much as 30% below the regular market value.  

I can hear you saying “What’s wrong with these REO homes?” In some cases nothing except a little neglect from sitting empty.  In some cases there are extensive repairs to be made.  There are a wide range of properties available in the San Fernando Valley, in almost every neighborhood. 

If you have been longing to own a home I urge you to investigate this market by giving our office a call.  We will be happy to show you what is available in your price range.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity because you think it is too good to be true.  This opportunity is real!